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volunteer with GINA

become a GINA Ambassador

GINA HQ is always on the look out for magical humans, like you!

we wouldn't be where we are today without the support of our committed & talented volunteers. 

we'd love to hear from you if you'd like to be involved in #yourGINA.

If you wish to gain experience working with a non-profit organisation, support individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse, develop new skills & enhance your CV, we have a variety of flexible volunteer ambassador opportunities, which offer you the freedom to explore a volunteer role in a way that works for you. we can also adapt roles that suit the experience you're looking for. if there's an area you'd like to volunteer in that isn't explicitly mentioned or you'd like more details, please get in touch & we’d love to chat with you.

there's no closing date for our volunteering opportunities! if we don’t have an opportunity that fits with what you’d like at the time of applying, we’re happy to keep your details on file & get in touch with you when something suitable comes up.

to apply, please fill out our Volunteer Application Form & return via email to Lucy at

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All content/topics/themes/responsibilities within each role is flexible & optional… they can be adapted to suit your needs, preferences & interests. Our different Volunteer Ambassador Roles allows you to pick an area that closely aligns with what you’re passionate about, what your skills are & what you’d like to gain experience in (possibly for career aspirations)…there is also the opportunity to move around Ambassador roles too to gain experience in different areas.

Your decision about which Volunteer Ambassador Role/(s) you’d like to do are not set in stone….We can explore this further with you upon your application.

the 6Cs GINA Ambassador Roles

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We have 6 types of GINA Volunteer Ambassador Roles available – our 6Cs…

All of our volunteer opportunities are:

Fully flexible: No minimum or maximum number of volunteering hours required. Your volunteering commitments at GINA can change over time to suit your changing needs & other commitments.


Suitable for everyone: Whether you’re a student looking to gain experience, have skills or expertise you could bring to GINA or if you’re looking to get involved with a cause you’re passionate about alongside your day job, we’d love to hear from you!


Open for individuals with lived experience: We welcome volunteers who have lived experience of sexual harassment, violence & abuse; we centre & value lived experience among our team to ensure we can best support other individuals subjected to sexual trauma.

our offer to you

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we also offer internships & placements for students via our partnership with the University of Birmingham & Birmingham City University.

GINA believes that lived experience is central to everything that we do.

We are committed to ensuring that individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse are involved at every level of our organisation. Therefore, we welcome applications from individuals with lived experience of sexual trauma so we can work together to amplify voices throughout GINA & unite in lived experience to ensure the needs, wishes & views of individuals subjected to sexual trauma remain at the centre of all we do.

what's it like to volunteer at GINA?



"I've loved volunteering at GINA because everyone is so lovely, easy to get along with and super helpful. It's been a great way to meet a range of amazing women from many different backgrounds and work on some great projects together. Volunteering for GINA has provided me a great basis for experience while working for something so worthwhile and rewarding."

a 'thank you' to our volunteers

We have partnered with Room to Reward to offer a special 'thank you' to our volunteers at GINA HQ. Every year, we can nominate a volunteer (who has been with us for over a year) for the opportunity to have a free hotel break (& to bring a plus one!). Room to Reward partners with hotels up & down the country (everything from The Savoy to family run B&Bs)  that donate their unsold rooms for volunteers working with non-profits. We know the incredible difference our volunteers make. 

To find our more, please explore Room to Reward

Our partnership with Room to Reward


Non's Room2Reward break

I am so grateful to have received the complimentary stay with the Room2Reward scheme and thoroughly enjoyed my time away! Volunteering at GINA has always been such a pleasure and I’ve enjoyed every minute, so the reward meant even more to me. I love working on the projects, always having such genuinely supportive people around me, and feeling that I’m making a positive impact.


Before the Room2Reward nomination, I was creating an online wellbeing platform for individuals subjected to violence and abuse that is accessible at all times of the day or night when they need some additional support. It includes five themes (mind, body, creativity, social, and check in) to explore our how our body and mind react to sexual violence and abuse, as well as suggestions for creative and social outlets to help heal outside of counselling, such as 30 day challenges and recipes. Our aim was to have something for everyone so that no matter how a person finds comfort, it’s there! The second project is a research hub gathering together the latest sexual violence and abuse reports and strategies from practitioners. These are summarised to make them more accessible so that people don’t have to read the whole report if they’d prefer a summary.


For the Room2Reward break, I chose to stay at the Bristol Harbour Hotel. My friend and I spent our time exploring Bristol, visiting the gallery, and walking around the harbour in the sun. The hotel itself was amazing and the staff were so attentive! The breakfasts each morning were delicious, particularly their eggs Royale, and overall I had a wonderful time in Bristol. Thank you so much to Lucy for nominating me and to Room2Reward for the fantastic opportunity to take time off and relax!

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