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led by you

responding to your needs, views & wishes.  

as always, all we do at GINA HQ is led by you!

ensuring lived experience & the individuals we support remain at the centre of GINA is one of our integral values.

we continue to endeavour to respond to your expressed needs, views & wishes. 

explore all of the ways in which we've responded below & please continue to get involved to shape our support, express your needs/views & take ownership of yourGINA

meeting the need for immediate specialist support for individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse.


we heard your neefor... 


we responded with... 

an efficient & effective way to book in counselling sessions

different modes of counselling 

seeing & reading a little bit about your counsellor beforehand

resources for university students (expressed by students)

advice & insight from individuals who'd already accessed GINA

some support surrounding self-care, which can be difficult

opportunities to gain experience & skills  (from students)

bespoke resources for individuals on waiting lists (from orgs)

resources on a range of different topics (individual requests)

tailored support for university students (from unis)

reminders about dates/times of booked counselling sessions

an ongoing debate about the use of language (from sector)

support & resources to use outside of a counselling space

immediate support for their employees (from businesses)

support & resources for loved ones (from clients)

our online booking system to offer you full control & flexibility

our online counsellor profiles & bios

bespoke resources for students & our dedicated student hub

our 'client journeys' resource to capture client experiences

the launch of our range of Volunteer Ambassador roles for all

optional customization of our bestselling resources for orgs

our resource library full of a range of free resources

on offer to unis including counselling for students & resources

automatic email/text reminders for booked sessions

our 'use of language' resource which outlines our stance

our variety of goodies including books & self-care products

our tailored offer including counselling for employers/ees

our dedicated hub for supporters (friends/family/loved ones)

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