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a small box with a mighty heart.

rebel with a cause.

rest is radical

self-care is magical.

putting yourself first is a quiet thing - soft & certain - a gentle rebellion long overdue.

our rebel & restore collection empowers through choice, by offering you bespoke self-care box with a range of goodies to support you when dealing with the impacts of trauma, with self-care items available under the themes of 'mind', 'body', 'creativity,' 'social' & 'check-in'.

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explore our range.

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The Rebel & Restore Collection:

Feel Good First Aid Kit

your go-to items for feeling good



standard box


10 self-care goodies


deluxe box


15 self-care goodies


feel good first aid kit


goodies designed to make you feel good

workbook  + box bundle

only £24.99 (usually £37.99)


explore our products in each of our boxes.

standard box.

£12.99 - 10 goodies
Wash Away Your Worries Handmade Sunshine Soap, Spacemasks (x4) Breathe Shower Bomb, Together We are Magic Friendship Badges, Pin (randomly selected from: rainbow, feminist agenda, happy, take care of yourself, pack of feminist badges, coping admirably & invisible battles), 2 x Badge Making Kits (randomly selected from: heart, cacti, lightening bolt & shooting star).