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Drop The Disorder! Challenging The Culture Of Psychiatric Diagnosis
- Jo Watson

Including a chapter from our Founder, Lisa Thompson, exploring moving 'towards  a trauma-informed approach with people who have experienced sexual violence.'

In October 2016 Jo Watson hosted the very first ‘A Disorder for Everyone!’ event in Birmingham, with psychologist Dr Lucy Johnstone, to explore (and explode) the culture of psychiatric diagnosis in mental health. To provide a space to continue the debate after the event, Jo also set up the now hugely popular and active Facebook group ‘Drop the Disorder!’.

Since then, they have delivered events in towns and cities across the UK, bringing together activists, survivors and professionals to debate psychiatric diagnosis. How and why does psychiatric diagnosis hold such power? What harm it can do? What are the alternatives to diagnosis, and how it can be positively challenged?

This book takes the themes, energy and passions of the AD4E events – bringing together many of the event speakers with others who have stories to tell and messages to share in the struggle to challenge diagnosis.

This is an essential book for everyone of us who looks beyond the labels.

Explore the Drop The Disorder movement here.


The Courage to be Me
- Nina Burrowes


An illustrated book about life after sexual violence or relationship abuse.

'The courage to be me' is an illustrated book about courage, hope and self-compassion after sexual violence or relationship abuse. Read and loved by thousands, this little book has accompanied many people on their healing journey.  Buy it as a gift of love for yourself, or for someone else as they sit with and heal from their past. Join a group of women as they share their stories, learn about recovery and find the courage to be themselves. This book combines science, storytelling and illustration to send a message of hope to the millions of people who are living with the impact of rape and sexual abuse.

click here to read online for free.

also available to purchase as a bundle

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