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this is all new & it’s okay to feel a little lost. it’s okay to feel unsure. there is no right way to deal with it & your best is more than enough. you are no less independent or capable for needing support or help.

this is difficult & you're doing so well. this is something you can get through & you do not have to get through it alone.


if you have any questions, queries or worries, or if you would like to find out more information about our private sexual violence & abuse support services, get in touch. 

we're here.

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'The GINA Project'

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we hear you.

a GINA client

"{a GINA counsellor] is the best counsellor I've ever had in my ten years of being engaged with mental health services. she is compassionate, kind and patient when you find yourself unable to talk about things. she never victim-blamed. i am leaving our sessions more positive and relaxed than I have ever been"


re: Bumble community grant

"we received over 2,500 applications in the UK and yours was a clear standout. you've fostered an environment where your employees feel they can grow as individuals, creatives, and as a team. people in your community spoke very highly about your business and how well you serve your clients and take care of your staff"

Mike Mounfield, director of The Wisdom Factory CIC

re: GINA running group grant application:

“this was a strong, well-structured application aimed at developing an innovative intervention for a sadly widespread problem that people still find it difficult to talk about. cutting edge stuff with potentially wide benefits for those involved and an academic edge.  we’d have been mad not to”

re: nurturing workshop for parents of survivors (delivered at Parents Against Sexual Exploitation):

“nurturing session was fantastic.”

“it was very helpful to have workshops in the afternoon which allowed us to focus on ourselves.”

“the nurturing workshop acknowledged the challenges to ‘looking after oneself’ when confronted with the abuse of a child, but also the importance of doing so in order to create the resilience needed to cope with ongoing trauma. there was much laughter within our group.” 

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