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equality, diversity & inclusion

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equality, diversity & inclusion are central to GINA's work & are reflected in our service provision, diverse team& in the way we work. 

at GINA, we aim to:

promote equality

encourage belonging

facilitate equity

celebrate diversity

embed inclusion

we are committed to a world where sexual harassment, violence & abuse is not tolerated. 

we are also committed to promoting equality by creating better experience for women & girls because we understand that for some women & girls, their experiences of harassment, violence & abuse intersect with experiences of racism, homophobia, ableism and other forms of oppression. Therefore, equality, diversity & inclusion are central to our core principles & are reflected in our service provision, diverse team & in the way we work. We strive to address the multiple & intersecting experiences of discrimination, disadvantage & oppression experienced by our team members & the individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse that we work with. They are at the heart of everything we do & as we grow as an organisation we commit to listening, reflecting, & responding so that our work to support individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse is intersectional, anti-racist & anti-discriminatory.

we are committed to respecting & treating everyone fairly, eliminating discrimination & actively promoting inclusion. Furthermore, we will actively encourage everyone to take responsibility for equality, diversity & inclusion by becoming allies. Only by taking this stance can we challenge inequalities within society. 

we will continue to commit to:

  •  a recruitment process that is fair, accessible, transparent & accountable

  • providing opportunities for amplification of voices

  • ensuring that individuals have accessible & barrier-free services; acknowledging eh complexities of intersectionality, including differences in individuals' backgrounds & life circumstances & how these may impact accessing our services

  • fostering a diverse team with a culture of inclusion, respect & empathy


who are we?

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