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become a GINA ally

become a GINA ally, pledge your support, live into our values & advocate for our work at GINA HQ. 

become a GINA ally & ... 

Meet individuals with the support they need to make their own decisions surrounding reporting & accessing support.

Yell about GINA & our work! Spread our message by forming connections with organisations & individuals who are interested in GINA &our work.

Purchase one of our £3 GINA ally badges, with money going towards supporting individuals subjected to sexual harassment, violence & abuse.

Listen to, support & believe someone who discloses sexual harassment, violence & abuse to you.

Educate individuals, while challenging behaviours, values & attitudes that facilitate & perpetuate sexual harassment, violence & abuse.

Direct individuals who may want to access support to GINA, our support & resources.

Go gently with yourself & honour your authenticity, courage & compassion if you have been subjected to sexual harassment, violence & abuse.

Engage with & follow us on social media to raise awareness & help spread our message.

(all are optional)

your GINA ally badge

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