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our story

GINA is a social enterprise offering unparalleled opportunities for individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse to: Grow, Inspire, Nurture and Achieve. when you support GINA, you help to create a future where individuals subjected to sexual trauma can thrive &live the life they desire.

GINA was established after our Founder, Lisa Thompson, discovered that her much loved grandmother, Nana Gina, was raped as a teenager & had kept this secret for nearly 70 years, only disclosing shortly before she died. Lisa named GINA after her Nana to leave a positive legacy for her & for other individuals like her. Lisa vowed that GINA would create opportunities for individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse to Grow, Inspire, Nurture and Achieve, to encourage people to believe in themselves, their resourcefulness & their potential.


GINA is not a charity – there are already incredible charities out there, providing much needed & valuable services. GINA offers something different & collaborates with survivors in the development of resources, products & events. at the heart of GINA’s philosophy is the belief that everyone, with the right compassionate support & opportunities, can move beyond surviving to thriving after trauma.


there is no equivalent private specialist rape crisis organisation. GINA is the only private specialist support provider in the UK offering services to individuals who have been subjected to sexual trauma.

just as Lisa’s Nana Gina inspired her to do more for individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse, she hopes that you too will be inspired by GINA’s work and commit to creating a world where no one feels unable to speak out.

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keeping counselling confidential

we actively challenge requests to share counselling notes to protect the interests of the people we support. In accordance with Rape Crisis England & Wales’ ‘Keep Counselling Confidential’ campaign, we do not routinely share counselling notes with police/CPS. Most people agree to share information as they wish to cooperate with the investigation and believe that these notes will support their case. In some instances, it does. But, in most, we know that it's used against them.  We believe people subjected to sexual violence & abuse need safe spaces to heal from trauma without fear that their private information will be shared. We will continue to be led by the wishes and interests of the individuals we support.


our use of language

no matter what anyone tells you, YOU get to choose the language you want to describe you & what you have been subjected to. Don't like the word 'survivor'? Does 'victim' feel more appropriate? Or do you not want to identify at all as any of these terms? that's okay. it can be an empowering experience choosing the language you use for yourself & it can be empowering to change that language whenever you want to. 

explore our use of language at GINA HQ. 

mission possible

our vision

a world revolving with hope & compassion to hold individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse in their truth & embrace individuals in living into their power.

our mission

to step into shared power, in celebration of individuality, compassion & connection to support all subjected to sexual violence & abuse in living hopeful futures; while challenging beliefs, attitudes & systems that facilitate sexual violence & abuse.

our social mission

uniting in lived experience to enhance a compassionate, curious & tailored approach to support for individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse everywhere.



keep your eyes peeled!

our theory of change

Theory of change cover image.png

explore our Theory of Change & accompanying narrative

view our Theory of Change summary video

signposting if we are unable to support

Currently, we are only able to support adults subjected to sexual violence & abuse. We are hoping to expand our services/products/resources to support children & young people in the near future. There are some places you may wish to explore:

  • RSVP (counselling, advocacy, resources, helpline/webchat & social groups for young people)

  • Childline (you can email, call, message or webchat a counsellor)

  • Kooth (a safe online wellbeing community with spaces for resources & to chat to a counsellor)

  • Papyrus (support with suicidal feelings)

  • Umbrella (sexual health support for young people in Birmingham & Solihull)

  • Galop (support for LGBT+ young people)

  • Youth Access (Provides information about local counselling & advice services for young people)

  • The Mix (support for young people on anything that’s troubling you)

  • Young Minds (mental health support for young people)

We are unable to support perpetrators or offenders of sexual violence & abuse. We do not subscribe to the myth that all individuals subjected to sexual abuse go on to perpetrate abuse; however, we recognise that some perpetrators have been subjected to sexual abuse. Whilst there is a gap in the sector for this support, we can signpost appropriately to specialist services who may be able to support you. There are some places you may wish to explore:

  • Stop It Now (if you are thinking about perpetrating)

  • StopSo (supporting individuals who are perpetrators & survivors of sexual offending)

  • Lucy Faithfull Foundation (support for adults who have perpetrated sexual abuse).

meet our sis: RSVP

meet our sister


rape and sexual violence project (RSVP)

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the profits raised through GINA are donated to Rape & Sexual Violence Project (RSVP), a large, specialist sexual violence & abuse charity established in 1978, operating across Birmingham and Solihull in the West Midlands. every penny you spend through GINA will help to make a sustainable future for RSVP and create positive legacies for the individuals who access their services.


through the provision of services, activities & resources, GINA generates profit which will be used both for RSVP & for the development of more GINA services, products & resources which benefit individuals & their supporters. profits raised through GINA's private services are donated to RSVP to help fund free services for individuals who need them.

policies & procedures

all staff & volunteers at GINA HQ adhere to policies & procedures that ensure the quality, safety & consistency of our services, products, resources & activities. 

the following sample of our policies are available on request by emailing

  • Adult Safeguarding Policy

  • Child Safeguarding Policy

  • Equal Opportunities Policy

  • Health & Safety Policy

  • Complaints Policy

  • Data Protection Policy

  • Recruitment Policy

  • Anti-slavery & Human Trafficking Policy

  • Training & Development Policy

  • Whistleblowing Policy

  • Privacy Policy

  • Volunteer Policy

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