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bundles pairing  bespoke resources with themed goodies.

'the F word' bundle

challenge sexism, misogyny & oppression
celebrate feminism

explore what the f word means to you

our feminism inspired bundle featuring a professionally printed full version of our
'GINA-Inspired Guide to Feminism'

accompanied by a 'fragile masculinity' bobble hat, 'patriarchy' stress ball,  a 'girls can' keyring, a 'patriarchal terror' & 'fragile masculinity' enamel badge, a selection of feminist stickers & button badges & a feminism-inspired postcard. 

'GINA-Inspired Guide to Feminism'
read about the history of feminism, misconceptions, social media & lots more. find guides on intersectional feminism & recommendations of feminist literature, featuring interactive activities from posters & postcards to reflection pages & timelines. 

under the feminist approach, GINA recognises how women & girls are disproportionately impacted by sexual violence & abuse due to the oppression, sexism & misogyny that is at play within our patriarchal society. 

for a preview of the first 3 chapters of our 'GINA-Inspired Guide to Feminism' please click the image/icon below or visit our Resource Library. 

the feel good bundle

our feel good bundle to help lift mood, improve mood & invite you to check-in with yourself

our feel good inspired bundle featuring
The Positivity Playbook

accompanied by a mood tracker notepad, themed necklace,  a 'happy' enamel badge & a set of friendship badges. 

smashing victim-blaming pack


join us in smashing up victim-blaming messages (literally!)
release the weight of anger & blame

explore the impact of victim-blaming on you

this pack will support you in releasing some of the heavy weight of blame that yourself or others have placed on you after being subjected to sexual violence & abuse. 

we invite you to write down all of the victim-blaming messages you have heard, been told or told yourself (ie. 'she shouldn't have got so drunk,' 'why didn't you say no?' 'she led him on') onto the plate. we then invite you to smash it up! this may help release some of the anger & blame attached to these words & we hope you feel a little lighter afterwards. 

this pack also includes a set of 4 postcards & a sticker to keep, to offer you some gentle reminders of your worth & how the blame is not yours to carry. if you'd like to, we also invite you to share pictures of your plate (either intact or smashed up!) with us on social media. 


this pack includes:
a short informative resource on victim-blaming
a plate
a set of 4 illustrated postcards featuring affirmations to support you in challenging victim-blaming
an 'end victim-blaming' decorative sticker

we hope this pack helps you to put down & smash up the heavy weight of any blame you may be feeling or has been placed onto you by others.
we will continue to challenge victim-blaming.
we invite you to join us. 


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