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only human: the workbook

the perfectly imperfect compassionate companion for created by & for individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse. 

created by individuals with lived experience of sexual trauma.
it's yours to own #yourGINA

over 1000 copies sold!

if you're an organisation interested in purchasing our GINA workbook in bulk  (customization available),
view our leaflet here or  
please get in touch. 

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click to download our dedicated leaflet

product description:
as a workbook created by individuals with lived experience, for individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse, there is space in-between these pages to take power back, reclaim our magic, care for ourselves & explore some normal human responses to trauma.

we think you're an extraordinary human doing the best you can with some really tough human things right now. this workbook will be with you when it feels heavy. it will carry some of the heaviness, help you trust it will pass & when you can, encourage you to lean into moments of your magic.

more about the workbook:
for when everything gets too heavy for your back to carry, let the spine of this workbook bear the weight instead.
'only human' provides space for self-care exploration under the themes of Mind, Body, Creativity, Social & Check-in. this is a compassionate haven to explore whatever you feel like exploring; whether you dip into these pages every now & then, or use exercises daily, we hope it invites you to be gentler with yourself & brings you home to the truth that you are enough.
we never have to be anything more than the whole, beautiful beings that we are.
we're human, after all.

note on use of language: cover wording & language in some pictures of this product may be different due to these photos being taken of previous printed editions of the workbook. in accordance with our updated ‘Use of Language’, wording on workbook covers has been updated to reflect our organisational stance of moving away from labels such as ‘survivors’ & moving towards language such as ‘individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse.’ therefore, the version of the workbook you receive will be identical to the product image (with colourful background) on the 'purchase goodies' webpage, that reflects this updated use of language.


the discreet only human workbook

at the request of individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse that we support, this edition includes all the wonderful content of our original workbook, with a discreet cover. 

this edition provides an element of discretion when using the workbook, where any references to sexual violence & abuse on the cover have been redacted – making it an ideal edition to use discreetly when out & about.

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what organisations are saying.

"The GINA workbook is an amazing resource, with an aesthetic which is appealing and engaging to our student audience. The workbook encourages self-care exploration under the themes of Mind, Body, Creativity, Social & Check-in. We will be using the workbook to enhance the support we can offer to our students. We really value our partnership with GINA and we cannot recommend these workbooks highly enough. Thank you GINA for your creativity and enabling our community to benefit from your brilliance." -University of Birmingham

"“Following the initial pilot of 50 books Savana fully intends to continue providing this amazing resource to our clients, due to their positive feedback and engagement.  Clients have stated that “it has been a lifeline,”” a safety net”, and for our young people its compact ability means it can be keep in a school bag and therefore accessible at all times.  We would highly recommend “Only Human”. - Savana

"“Our service users are thrilled whenever a shipment of GINA books arrive!  A great resource for thoughtful reflection, considered self-care and a place to contain all those feelings" | "My service user really valued the GINA book to use in between counselling sessions. She felt supported and enjoyed working on her self care whilst processing her trauma." - Staffordshire Women's Aid

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