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recent collaborations, partnerships & projects

working with GINA is an opportunity to support your organisation or educational institution with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG).



we have an on-going relationship with Lush (Merry Hill store) whose generosity enables us to periodically provide individuals we support with 'small packages of Lush', including bath bombs, shower gels & lotions to support individuals with self-care. 

we also take part in Lush's Charity Pot programme where we hold events/stalls in the Lush store to raise awareness of GINA, offer our goodies & opportunities for individuals to get involved with our work. 


University of Birmingham

we work closely with the University of Birmingham Student Wellbeing Team to provide their students who have been subjected to sexual violence & abuse with immediate specialist support, a customized copy of our GINA workbook & bespoke resources tailored to the needs of students. 

we also partner with the University of Birmingham to offer placements & internships for their students. 

Rape & Sexual Violence Project (RSVP)

we have a strong relationship with our sister charity, RSVP where we collaborate on many areas of our work. Many of our specialist counsellors also work for RSVP, with our premises co-located & expertise shared. 



your choice to share

your voice is powerful. it is always your choice if, when & how you would like to share what you have been subjected to. 


if you would like to anonymously share what you have been subjected to, explore the experiences of others or raise awareness of instances of sexual harassment, violence & abuse, there are platforms that welcome your voice to contribute towards the 'bigger picture' of gender-based violence & sexual harassment, violence & abuse. 


She's a Crowd is a worldwide platform founded by data activists that allows you to share your experiences of gender-based violence.

Everyone’s Invited’s mission is to expose & eradicate rape culture with empathy, compassion & understanding by allowing you to share instances of sexual harassment, violence & abuse you've been subjected to at school, college, university or at a workplace.

Founded by Laura Bates, The Everyday Sexism Project invites you to share experiences of sexism on a worldwide platform. 

Run by the charity CEASE, Expose the Harm is a space for you to tell your story, safely &anonymously, of how pornography has harmed you or others in some way.

Cheer Up Luv is an internationally recognised photo series & platform founded by Eliza Hatch, which retells accounts of public sexual harassment. Subjects are photographed in public places related to their experience & their stories are featured - you can share your experiences of public sexual harassment. 

Our Streets Now is a movement to end public sexual harassment in the UK through cultural and legislative change - you can share your experiences of public sexual harassment. 

The Egalitarian challenges systemic gender inequality & injustice; they have a community-led spiking database where you can anonymously report an incident of spiking including details such as the venue & date of the incident.