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our range of bespoke products are here to support you when navigating the impacts of trauma. all profits help to provide specialist support services.

click below to explore goodies from #yourGINA

activist bundles surrounding feminism, wellbeing & the patriarchy designed to empower & invite you to live into your values.


the perfectly imperfect compassionate companion by & for individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse.


a book & accompanying journal offering an unapologetically authentic exploration of sexual violence impacting young women today.


little cards full of compassion & colourful affirmations to support you with the impacts of sexual trauma. 


your own bespoke box  from a collection of rebellious & restorative self-care goodies.


become a GINA ally, live into our values, pledge your support & advocate for our work at GINA HQ.


books & resources to support you with the impacts of trauma including drop the disorder & the courage to be me.


some splendid stuff to serve as gentle reminders, brighten your day & capture your magic. 

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