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your bespoke online support platform

yourGINA (online support) is your bespoke online support platform.

The digital support partner to our bestselling only human workbook.

yourGINA is your bespoke online wellbeing platform that guides you through content, info, resources, recommendations, tools, reflections, strategies & activities to support you with the impacts of sexual trauma.

Created by young women with lived experience, this platform encompasses all of the best resources & content our sector has to offer; providing you with one singular resource that contains a diverse range of content surrounding the impacts of sexual trauma & wellbeing.  

Designed so that it can be used in isolation or to accompany our only human GINA workbook, yourGINA explores 5 themes: mind, body, creativity, social & check-in. Each module contains a set of bitesize chunks on a range of different topics, with content & resources that expands beyond our only human workbook. yourGINoffers support outside of the counselling space, that can be accessed at any time.

You can explore the platform at your own pace, in your own way & take the content you need from it when you need it – yourGINwill meet you where you are.

We ask for a £5 donation for you to access this platform (lifetime access) – all donations will go towards supporting individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse through immediate specialist counselling & bespoke resource provision.

Please note, yourGINworks best when viewed on a desktop/computer/laptop – functionality is limited when accessing via mobile. When you donate & gain access to the platform, a document containing a hyperlink will be emailed to you.

yourGINprovides an online support space to take power back, reclaim our magic, care for ourselves, present the best of all content/resources & explore the diverse impacts of sexual trauma within a safe, supportive, compassionate space.

modules themes within yourGINA

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click on the image  to download our dedicated leaflet

our partner only human workbook

the perfectly imperfect compassionate companion for individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse. 

created by individuals with lived experience of sexual trauma.

our only human workbook explores the themes of mind, body, creativity, social & check-in in partnership with yourGINA, our bespoke online support platform.

yourGIN& our only human workbook make the perfect pair!

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