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"hello, I am a masters trained Integrative Arts Psychotherapist working with both adults and children. I have worked with survivors of sexual violence and abuse (and their supporters) since 2011. I am trained in nine therapeutic art forms including sand play, clay storytelling, puppetry, paints, drama, music, use of imagination, dance and bodywork. Whilst you may find it useful to use the Arts, you may instead decide not to! As will all of my approaches, this will be your choice and decision to make at your own pace. 

I offer a non-judgemental, safe space for self-discovery and self-acceptance. I offer a place for empathetic exploration of feelings or past events that may be too scary or confusing to face alone. As well as talking therapy, I encourage the use of the Arts in sessions, which can be useful when words are too much or not enough.

I am an artist and dancer with three children. I also have an ongoing passion for neuroscience and I sometimes share elements of this to support a client’s journey; for example, how the brain reacts to trauma or evidence of how it can start to heal itself when using the Arts therapeutically."


"I’ve been working in rape and sexual violence for seven years. I was a general counsellor before specialising at RSVP. In addition to working with adults and children (from ten years old), I have also worked with time limited crisis clients.

I am a person-centred counsellor. I wanted to be a counsellor because I witnessed how it can change people. I like to see people change and grow into who they want to be, instead of being told who they “should” be.

I enjoy relaxing, walking and being outside surrounded by greenery. I love history and historic buildings. My party trick is getting people up in the morning! Oh, and I also love cake!"


"I am a qualified counsellor who can provide a confidential, safe place where you can explore your feelings and thoughts. I offer you a warm and non-judgemental relationship to help you feel safe enough to embark on your journey. We will work together according to your pace and needs. 

I believe that everyone of us is unique and it is important to me to work with each person as an individual, taking a holistic view on how a person thinks and feels physically, emotionally and psychologically. 

When I am not working as a counsellor, I like to spend as much time as I can in my garden (weather permitting),  travelling to far flung destinations, going to the theatre to see musicals/ballet, watching boxsets on Netflix and trying to get the attention of my gorgeous rescue cat!" 


"hello! I am an energetic, enthusiastic and friendly. I work with young people and adults. I am a counsellor who is trained to CPCAB level 5 psychotherapeutic diploma standard. I have worked as a bereavement counsellor and most recently, I work with clients and supporters that have been affected by sexual violence and abuse. I am a mum and animal lover, who believes that everyone should have the chance to be listened to and respected." 

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Who is your role model and why?

Tim Smit, Co-Founder of the Eden Project.

The thing I love about Tim is that he emphasises how it is important to listen to and do things from your heart, even if it doesn’t always make sense in your head! I find his approach energising and it gives me confidence to tune into and follow my heart and to take risks. If I’d have just listened to my head and taken the “sensible” approach I would have missed out on some of the adventures in my life; like riding down the river Nile on a tyre, successfully running my first 100 mile ultra or setting up GINA while the UK was in a recession! Following your heart and doing the things you love (however crazy or illogical they seem) is what I’m excited about encouraging others to do, through GINA. It’s through these adventures that we really grow; inspire others and be inspired ourselves; nurture the very core of our beings by following what truly makes us happy and achieve our dreams. Life passes by too quickly for us not to.

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