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Lucy Hebberts

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Head of GINA

feminist | activist | co-researcher | author | artist |  pianist | chocolate-enthusiast


hello! I head up all of GINA & manage the magic that happens at GINA HQ. I’m also in the role of Executive Assistant for our sister organisation, RSVP.


I’m a University of Birmingham Business Management graduate & a published academic author, with my research surrounding female sexualisation & objectification in marketing published internationally in SAGE’s Handbook of Marketing Ethics, in 2020.

I am also a Co-Researcher with The PROSPER Study at the University of Birmingham, which is a study of the role, funding and commissioning of specialist services provided by the voluntary sector in England.

I am passionate about my work at GINA because it embodies my message to individuals subjected to sexual violence & abuse...

“to all who are still silenced, shamed & disbelieved. I believe you. It’s a privilege to stand with you. your courage & strength never cease to amaze & inspire me. I am in awe of you. you have the right to thrive after being subjected to sexual violence & abuse. you have the right to object against your own mistreatment & that of others. the rest of the world may try & deny you this right & they will act offended and disgusted when you exercise it, but it is yours.

you have that right, don’t be afraid to live it.”

Training, certifications & qualifications:  BSc Business Management (University of Birmingham)  | Training: trauma-informed approach, victim-blaming, data protection & GDPR, first aid, working with trauma in a time of trauma (Carolyn Spring), safeguarding, understanding sexual violence & abuse (Umbrella). 

Areas of specialism: business & organisational management; female sexualisation & objectification; violence against women & girls

(particularly passionate about supporting women & girls subjected to sexism, oppression, misogyny, sexual harassment, violence & abuse).

Length of time in the sector: over 3 years

If I could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow, I would travel to: Scotland

At the moment, I am reading: Women Don't Owe You Pretty by Florence Given & Fix The System, Not The Women by Laura Bates

On a Sunday afternoon, I am most likely to be found: driving around in my little classic car or binge-watching my favourite Netflix series!