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Lucy Hebberts

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manager of magic & michief | business lead

hello! I head up all of GINA & manage the magic that happens at GINA HQ. I’m also in the role of Executive Assistant for our sister organisation, RSVP.


I’m a University of Birmingham Business Management graduate & a published academic author, with my research surrounding female sexualisation & objectification in marketing published internationally in SAGE’s Handbook of Marketing Ethics, in 2020.


when I’m not working, I can usually be found out with friends, with a paintbrush in my hand, in front of a piano or with my nose in a book!

I am passionate about my work at GINA because it embodies my message to survivors...

“to all of the survivors who are still silenced, shamed & disbelieved. I believe you. It’s a privilege to stand with you. your courage & strength never cease to amaze & inspire me. I am in awe of you. you have the right to thrive after being subjected to sexual violence & abuse. you have the right to object against your own mistreatment & that of others. the rest of the world may try & deny you this right & they will act offended and disgusted when you exercise it, but it is yours.

you have that right, survivors; don’t be afraid to live it.”


Kathryn Myers

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magical guardian of media | marketing assistant

hi there! I work behind-the-scenes to create some of the GINA magic you'll see on your screens. I'm also here to support Lucy in running our charming social media & marketing campaigns.

I'm a University of Birmingham Drama and English graduate & am pursuing a Masters in Language, Culture & Communication. I worked in a welfare role supporting students throughout my academic career & saw the impact a listening ear & compassion can have in tough times.

outside of studying & work hours, you might find me with friends, family - those closest to me in my support network, relaxing in front of some light-heartened show, or outdoors on walks & in the garden!

I first joined GINA in August 2020 as part of an internship. now I'm privileged to be able to spread the magic to all of the survivors & share the stage with a marvellous team.

if you're reading this because you want to reach out, here's something I'd like you to know...

"we all have a uniquely different story to tell. it takes courage & a brave heart to share it with others. it's easier when you know they'll be patient & wait to hear it. rest assured, we'll be here, whenever you feel ready."

interested in joining GINA HQ? click here.

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the counsellors

hello, i am a masters trained Integrative Arts Psychotherapist working with both adults and children. i have worked with survivors of sexual violence and abuse (and their supporters) since 2011. i am trained in nine therapeutic art forms including sand play, clay storytelling, puppetry, paints, drama, music, use of imagination, dance and bodywork. whilst you may find it useful to use the Arts, you may instead decide not to! as will all of my approaches, this will be your choice and decision to make at your own pace. 

i offer a non-judgemental, safe space for self-discovery and self-acceptance. i offer a place for empathetic exploration of feelings or past events that may be too scary or confusing to face alone. as well as talking therapy, i encourage the use of the Arts in sessions, which can be useful when words are too much or not enough.

i am an artist and dancer with three children. i also have an ongoing passion for neuroscience and i sometimes share elements of this to support a client’s journey; for example, how the brain reacts to trauma or evidence of how it can start to heal itself when using the Arts therapeutically.

the volunteers


hello! I’m currently volunteering for GINA to help the team to create & develop some GINA magic. although I'm new, I'll be volunteering behind the scenes helping in a number of ways, such as brainstorming new campaign ideas & writing pieces for the GINA newsletter. 


I’m a University of Birmingham English Language and Linguistics graduate & I'm reading for a Master of Arts in Language Culture and Communication. in my free time I love to keep fit by working out & running. I also love coming up with recipes & hanging out with friends! 


I joined GINA as I think in any role it is important to feel like you are making a change. GINA offers a great service to so many strong survivors & I am pleased to be a part of a lovely, close-knit team.

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meet the team

 Lisa Thompson | founder & director

Anjella Darcy | director

Lisa Sharratt  | director 

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our founder, Lisa

get to know Lisa with a q&a session.


who is your role model and why?

Tim Smit, Co-Founder of the Eden Project.


the thing I love about Tim is that he emphasises how it is important to listen to and do things from your heart, even if it doesn’t always make sense in your head! i find his approach energising and it gives me confidence to tune into and follow my heart and to take risks.


if I’d have just listened to my head and taken the “sensible” approach I would have missed out on some of the adventures in my life; like riding down the river Nile on a tyre, successfully running my first 100 mile ultra or setting up GINA while the UK was in a recession!


following your heart and doing the things you love (however crazy or illogical they seem) is what I’m excited about encouraging others to do, through GINA. it’s through these adventures that we really grow; inspire others and be inspired ourselves; nurture the very core of our beings by following what truly makes us happy and achieve our dreams.


life passes by too quickly for us not to.

partners & clients

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