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to be a woman

 by Your GINA Sister on behalf of GINA
artwork by Jemma Third

To Be A Woman: The Book - £14.99
To Be A Woman: The Journal - £8.99

Bundle of book & journal - £19.99


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to be a woman: the book

“An effortlessly heartfelt debut full of encouragement and lessons for this and future generations”

 – The Student Newspaper | The University of Edinburgh

product description:
an honest, personal and at times, funny account into the many emotions individuals are subjected to following an experience of sexual assault. Fiercely empowering, maybe it is also a love letter to all young women, especially to those who have been subjected to sexual assault and violence, as this is sadly far too common for all women. Written as the older sister or friend you might be looking for right now, the author opens up about her own path through the recovery process in order to make you feel less alone and to normalise the thousands of overwhelming emotions you might well be experiencing.

foreword by GINA
an unapologetically authentic exploration of sexual violence & the issues that are impacting young women today. This book will meet you where you are.
it beautifully captures the messy nature of a young woman navigating sexual trauma, mental health, sex, friendships and relationships. This book is not afraid to discuss the important stuff and will resonate with young women everywhere.
in this book, you will discover authenticity, strength and female solidarity. These pages contain trails and tribulations that are reflected within the lives of young women everywhere.
These pages reflect our experiences. They may well reflect yours too.

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to be a woman: journal

product description:
the reflective journal to accompany To Be A Woman.
using prompt questions based upon the themes that feature in To Be A Woman, this accompanying journal offers you creative, compassionate and reflective space to explore your thoughts, feelings emotions and experiences in relation to the book chapters.
explore your narrative side-by-side with your GINA sister.

we'll pack your To Be A Woman: The Journal with a lotta love,
postage & packing costs are on us. 

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