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thanks for stopping by, you lovely human.

we are GINA - a UK social enterprise united by lived experience to bring compassionate, tailored, immediate counselling & bespoke products/resources for all subjected to sexual violence & abuse. 

GINA belongs to you.

at GINA HQ, you will be heard, understood & believed.

there is no waiting list for GINA's services. we provide support when you need it.

As featured in the BBC 2 documentary - Emily Atack: Asking For It?


please note: currently, we are only able to support adults subjected to sexual violence & abuse. we are hoping to expand our services/products/resources to support children & young people in the near future. 


accessibility: our accessibility menu (top right corner) is designed to make GINA HQ as accessible as possible. you can use this tool to change the appearance of our site, font, sizes, colours, spacing, contrast, saturation & more to enhance your experience with GINA HQ. 

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am I in the right place?

quite simply, yes.

we can support you if you've been subjected to any form of sexual violence, abuse, assault, harassment, exploitation, harm or violation.

this includes rape, the sharing of sexual images, unwanted touching/groping, forced sexual acts, experiences involving alcohol or drugs, stealthing, revenge porn, FGM, forced marriage, grooming, trafficking, online abuse, up-skirting, spikings, ...

we can support you if something has happened recently or in the past (including child sexual abuse).

you could have been subjected to it by one person or multiple people. you could have been subjected to it by a partner, ex-partner, friend, family member, colleague, an acquaintance or a stranger. 

we support all genders & individuals over the age of 18. 

something could have happened recently in your life to lead you to seek support now... impacts upon your emotional wellbeing & daily life, changes in life events, feeling like you don't know where to turn, pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth, becoming a parent, issues in new relationships... anything could have triggered feelings associated with past trauma & brought you here today.

if something didn't feel right, even if you don't have the language to describe it or you're not sure how to,

we're here to support you.

even if we're not what your looking for, we will try our best to connect you with organisations who may be able to support you. 


we'll meet you where you are.

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