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thanks for stopping by, you lovely human.

we are GINA - a UK social enterprise united by lived experience to bring compassionate, tailored counselling & bespoke products/resources for all subjected to sexual violence & abuse. 

we believe in a world revolving with hope & compassion to hold you in your truth & embrace you in living into your power. we invite you to step into shared power with us, in celebration of individuality, rebellion & connection. 

GINA belongs to you. 

there is no waiting list for GINA's services. we provide support when you need it.

explore GINA's leaflet & click here to explore our use of language & the term 'survivor'.

our values: when you approach GINA, we'll meet you with...

how can we help?


i'd like a space to explore my feelings in person or from the comfort of my home.


i'd like some free resources to look through at my own pace.


i'd like to know more about GINA & your people.


i'd like to get involved with the GINA magic.

our goodies

our promise.

dear survivors,

you are never alone.

we are yours, always.

we believe you.

your truth carries us in all we do.

we stand with you.

we are by your side, for forever & a day.

infinitely yours,



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