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The 'Power of 3' Rebel & Restore Collection

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Fancy just a little taster of some rebellion & restoration?

Create your own bespoke ‘power of 3’ box, which is designed to offer you a taster of some of our self-care items to support you in looking after you when dealing with the impacts of trauma.

You can pick 3 self-care goodies from the following:

Spacemasks (x3), Breathe Shower Bomb, Shooting Star Badge Making Kit, Heart Badge Making Kit, Flash Badge Making Kit, Glitter Cacti Badge Making Kit, Together We Are Magic Friendship Badges, Greeting Cards (x3), Don’t Forget To Look Up Enamel Pin, Be Wild Enamel Pin, Stay Curious Enamel Pin.

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Treat yourself to some goodies or gift some rebellion & restoration to a loved one!

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The Rebel & Restore Collection empowers through choice; a freedom to explore self-care in whatever way feels right for you. This collection hopes to support you in exploring self-care within a rebellious, restorative empowerment that honours your authenticity.

Self-care is an act of rebellion. This collection of rebellious & restorative items allow for inward-looking moments of serenity in the middle of a storm. We recognise that after trauma, self-care can be a restorative act of embodied justice. So, this collection is a form of revolution.

Real self-care is a messy part of healing. It’s challenging the moments where self-care feels abrasive, anxiety-inducing or underserved. It’s creating a life & peace within yourself that honours your authentic being behind all the bullsh*t.

You are worthy of this gift; this revolutionary act of treating ourselves tenderly. Allow it to help you reclaim your power. The thought behind this collection & hope that is can encompass real, inward healing extends well beyond simple comforts or over-indulgence.

Rebel with a cause. Rest is radical. Self-care is magical.

Putting yourself first is a quiet thing – soft & certain… a gentle rebellion long overdue.

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