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Post #10 - Why Poetry is Great For Healing

Trigger Warning: post contains some videos with sensitive content.

Writing poetry can help us understand the overwhelming thoughts we sometimes have. It can help you structure these complex feelings in a way that is manageable and safe.

According to various studies, writing and reading poetry can be therapeutic and help “alleviate anxiety” amongst other emotional benefits. Journaling is already an established practise in therapy but poetry goes a step further and provides survivors a way to empower their voice.

Creating poetry allows you to be vulnerable but in control of what you choose to share. It can be a way for you to release your thoughts and feelings in a safe space. How far you go is completely up to you.

Anyone can write poetry. There are no set rules. All you need is the courage to write that first letter.

If you want inspiration, here are some incredible Spoken Word poems from survivors who have shared their work:

“To the Survivors in Silence Too” by Muna Abdulahi

Understand there is no one way to be a survivor

There is survivor in silence as much as there is in speaking out

There is survivor in waking up every morning and brewing tea for your daughters

And asking them if they have eaten, if they are full

“Paper Dolls” by Sierra DeMudler

Some weeks you’ll remember how hard it is to breathe in public;

But know this:

The person who did this to you is broken. Not you.

“Flowers” by Daniel

We are flowers

Beautiful and fragile as we may be sometimes

This is our garden

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