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Your own deluxe, bespoke box of rebellion & restoration. It's a small box with a mighty heart.Our menu for rebellion & restoration is designed to support you in looking after you when dealing with the impacts of trauma, & allows offers you 5 self-care goodies from each of our themes (body, mind, creativity, social & check in).In your Rebel & Restore box, you'll receive a mixture of the following (randomly selected):


- Body: Spacemask

- Mind: Notepad (randomly selected from: mood tracker, 3 good things, better out than in & totally over it)

- Creativity: cross stitch/badge Kit (randomly selected from: heart, cacti, lightening bolt & shooting star badge making kits , hope & let's dance cross stitch kit) - randomly selected

- Social: Social Pin (randomly selected from: banana, feminist forever, pro-choice, mind your own business, fragile masculinity, men in suits, furious woman, feminist agenda, random man, girls can patriarchal terror & body rules) - randomly selected

- Check-in Pin (randomly selected from: coping admirably, fighting invisible battles, rainbow, happy, bed, healing, take care, kindness matters & you are enough) – randomly selected



Treat yourself to some goodies or gift some rebellion & restoration to a loved one!

RRP: products worth over £65 when purchased separately.

Images for display purposes only to illustrate different bespoke collections & combinations of goodies.


BODY: Trauma is embodied. Bodies need healing too.

Small, simple but powerful stuff to help re-connect & care for your body through sleeping, breathing & cleansing.

Goodies include: spacemasks



MIND: Find some moments within a quiet mind.

A reflective space to explore your emotional wellbeing, release worries & ‘declutter’ your headspace.

Goodies include: Notepads


CREATIVITY: Freedom in expression.

An opportunity to explore your creativity, express & release emotion. Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.

Goodies include: Badge making kits & cross stitch kits


SOCIAL: Healing through connection.

A chance to re-connect with friends & loved ones by sending them a token of gratitude.

Goodies include: Social pin


CHECK-IN: How are you doing?

A moment to check-in with yourself; recognising, affirming & reminding you of your brilliance through a small memento.

Goodies include: Check-in pin


The Rebel & Restore Collection empowers through choice; a freedom to explore self-care in whatever way feels right for you. This collection hopes to support you in exploring self-care within a rebellious, restorative empowerment that honours your authenticity.

Self-care is an act of rebellion. This collection of rebellious & restorative items allow for inward-looking moments of serenity in the middle of a storm. We recognise that after trauma, self-care can be a restorative act of embodied justice. So, this collection is a form of revolution.


Real self-care is a messy part of healing. It’s challenging the moments where self-care feels abrasive, anxiety-inducing or underserved. It’s creating a life & peace within yourself that honours your authentic being behind all the bullsh*t.


You are worthy of this gift; this revolutionary act of treating ourselves tenderly. Allow it to help you reclaim your power. The thought behind this collection & hope that is can encompass real, inward healing extends well beyond simple comforts or over-indulgence.


Rebel with a cause. Rest is radical. Self-care is magical.


Putting yourself first is a quiet thing - soft & certain... a gentle rebellion long overdue.

The Rebel & Restore Collection

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